Hi there!

My name is Dumitrana Alinus, im a 19 years old programmer, my activities from every day can be write in just 2 phrase:

  1. Day by day activity;
  2. Coding, Huge Coding sessions.

Yes, i’m working about full day, i can say “This is what i’m doing all day!”, is not healthy to stay on your chair 10 – 12 hours per day, in front of your pc display, but for me is like a life style.

Why i start to learn about “programming world”?

Well … there is a huge story, but my primary rules was “I want to do something in this world”, the secondary … if you want to do something, you need money … 🙁 yes, if you need car or travel, you need money, if you need to live in a good place, you need money and more other.

Money, Money, Money … every where money … but this not is a rule, because if you do a job just for money … this isn’t a good job, i’m doing programming because this is my passion (well … this and cars sure, hahaha), from my childhood, i have been an IT lover, now im a programmer, a Full Stack Web developer, im working since 2015 at Wooter with an awesome team and with my best leader, sir Michael Isakov, awesome person and like me he is a programmer, is for sure “Best Boss in the World”.